72 birds for Grenfell


A t-shirt design I did in collaboration with a colleague and friend of mine affected by the terrible incident at Grenfell Tower back in 2017. We wanted to create something in remembrance and he had a vision to create something with 72 doves, he commissioned me to bring his idea to life. I was strongly inspired by MC Escher here and used the optical illusion of birds intertwining and shaping in to one another to create this final design. I feel it really represents the togetherness of the community and each bird represents one of those lost in the fire.

2 thoughts on “72 birds for Grenfell

  1. Hi,

    I saw your T-shirt design on the Regional News tonight, and I spotted the MC Escher theme – what a wonderful way to commemorate the ’72’.

    Do you have any other ‘interpretations’ of his work? I have been a fan of his art for over 50 years, and I recently discovered a link between him and Picasso, which not many people know about.

    Good luck with your Art!

    Regards, Basil


    1. Hi Basil,

      Thank you so much for your comment and no way it was on the news!? I wish I could’ve seen it! And indeed you spotted the MC Escher theme, one of my favourite artists and inspiration, that’s so interesting about the connection of Picasso and Escher! This is actually my first of what I hope to be many pieces inspired by Escher, do keep an eye out for more of what I come up with and thank you so much again!




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