My name is Aliyah Coreana and I am a freelance Artist based in Paddington, London.

I am an Animation graduate from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication. My love for drawing and storytelling goes back to childhood when I first was able to hold a pencil, and I am heavily influenced by cartoons, anime and video games. I aim to establish myself as an Artist who highlights issues of mental health, encourage diversity and self love in all my works. I want to keep inspiring others with positive influences and for people to feel represented.

I am a published illustrator of the children’s book ‘Superstar Kids: Rhyming Moral Fun!’ and its sequel ‘All New Superstar Kids: Rhyming Moral Fun!’ which have both been very successful and even received a positive review from Prince William and his children, George and Charlotte.

My other hobbies include travelling, reading, writing, music, cosplay, video games, anime, sports (I am a black belt in Shotokan Karate!) & I absolutely love karaoke!

I update my website and social media platforms regularly so keep an eye out for my latest projects! Thank you for all your support so far.


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