Galvanise Summer Exhibition

Summer 2022 has been full of surprises and amazing experiences! I’m very thankful to all of the people and opportunities I’ve had when it comes to displaying and exhibiting my art.

I am proud to say I am part of the second group exhibition at Spitafield Studios, where the theme is ‘Galvanise’ and the piece I selected was BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER (printed to size A1 on foam board). I wanted to go big for this piece and make a stamp in the exhibition. This is one of the first pieces you see on display as you enter the exhibition and the feedback from visitors on the opening night have been astounding. The representation and powerful message people received from the piece was envigorating for me as an artist, I am so motivated to create more pieces with important messages. Most of my art is melancholy and drawn for fun and beauty, but I would love to even more start creating art with a message to the masses too.

The main piece is for sale but there are also smaller A5 size prints available to purchase too.

The exhibition is up until November 2022, please check it out!


Since reaching Twitch Affiliate, I’ve been so happy and wearing lilac/purple this whole week! Including this illustration I’ve been doing on stream which is my Teasona – for those who don’t know, I love a cuppa tea! I also drink it often in my streams, so I only felt it adequate to draw myself with Lavender-like tea leaves chilling (or brewing?) in tea. What I love about drawing my own original artworks is that you can really express how you’re feeling at the time, and it’s always fun to reflect back on!


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Scroll through the gallery to see the progress from start to finish of the acrylic painting! I absolutely love Willow Smith and after her latest album dropped, I was inspired to paint her and this selfie she posted was so colourful and ethereal, I just had to paint it! I absolutely love painting and found it incredibly relaxing – I definitely will be doing more. 🙂


I was interviewed by the lovely Heeral whom I met on a project for young people that I was coordinating last year. She studies illustration and needed to write an interview and essay about her favourite illustration – which was a piece done by me! I am very flattered and happy to share this 🙂


Miles Morales – The Sunflower

An amazing film, probably the best animation of 2018! It’s just breathtaking, beautifully executed and so visually pleasing! I had to draw some fan art. Above all the representation in this film is so important, even I didn’t realise how much until I finished the movie the impact this has. It’s things like this that drive me forward in order to make sure there is more diversity in art and animation.

The Yellow Diamond

A good friend of mine (and also dedicated client!) has commissioned me to illustrate another picture to give his lady friend as a birthday present. I was first given this task last year and comparing the 2017 illustration to this year’s one, I am so happy and impressed with how much I have improved not only with my skill, but with my composition, colouring and speed.

Lavender Girl

I was wandering through the darkness and then followed the light in to a vast garden and grew myself some lavender. That heavenly, calming scent and its purple, ethereal appearance; it was me growing a new home for myself.

I’m planning to animate more and create more illustrative pieces, I have a lot of ideas and projects in the pipeline. I can not wait to show you!