Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Thank you for the continued love and support for my artwork and the book I illustrated! Click here to buy the book on Amazon: Superstar Kids: Rhyming Moral Fun! The book is made by order so ignore the out of stock notice!

I have a lot of plans for 2017, I am hoping to have my first stall selling my personal pieces and prints at expos! I will confirm all details about this soon. I also am hoping to collate all my works in to an ‘Art of Aliyah’ book and you can see all of my progression, concept, explanations and tips too!

More than ever, I hope 2017 brings me more self love, inner peace and courage and I hope to express this through my art even more!

Peace! ❤

Inktober Drawings

I have been keeping up with the Inktober challenge so far! Quite happy with myself for getting halfway. I will be selling these original drawings once the month is over, some are drawn on postcards or A4 size paper (300gsm).

They will be up for sale on my Etsy store by November and I will also be selling prints of them too! Please lookout for more updates soon.

Thanks all!

Day 15: Relax


Day 1: Fast
October aka Inktober has begun and this time I have set myself the challenge to do this! My challenge will be to draw an inkling from Naruto following Jake Parker’s Inktober 2016 Prompt List. So keep an eye out – I upload my inklings to Instagram everyday, follow to keep up! And let’s hope I manage to stick to it.. Happy inking!


I have begun a new A5 personal sketchbook and here are 2 of the drawings so far – they’ve been really popular on my instagram!

I am hoping to fill this sketchbook with more gorgeous drawings and sketches to share, I am excited to see my progression which I will video a flick through once it’s full.


Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul

A gouache painting I did for my boyfriend as a gift to commemorate our 4 years of being together. He loves Dragon Ball and I wanted to challenge myself and do a painting of the amazing dragon Shenron.

Dragon Soul – The Process

The process of the painting started off as a rough sketch in my sketchbook. I placed tracing paper over the sketch to draw the final lines with a Staedtler fineliner. I scanned the finished tracing in to Photoshop to edit some more. I wanted to make sure in the final painting, everything was in perfect proportion.

On a separate sheet of watercolour paper, I painted the background sky blue first, then left to dry. I printed out the edited line drawing on to A4 print paper with a lightened opacity, this was so I could draw over it and then press it on to the watercolour paper. I used it as my guide as I was painting.

The Original Sketch

FullSizeRender (4)

The Tracing

FullSizeRender (1)