Pink Lars

Pink Lars from the recent Steven Universe hour special. Lars’ character has always been somewhat irritating to me in the series, but I absolutely loved seeing his moments of vulnerability where he struggled being himself. It just goes to show acceptance starts within and I always love that Steven Universe has these amazing life lessons to teach young children.

I wasn’t expecting Pink Lars to happen! But I absolutely loved it and it has solidified my love for Lars’ character, things are looking up for him.

My Gemsona

sunstone sketchaliyah gemsona

sunstone watercolour















I love the show Steven Universe, but I had not done a Gemsona because I had no clue what gem to choose – until my friend suggested Sunstone to go with her Gemsona; Moonstone. The more I looked up about the gem Sunstone, the more I fell in love with it. And here she is!

Sunstone is an uplifting gem, one that helps to dispel fears and take leadership of yourself. A free spirit!