Nics EP.sode 2 Launch Party

Working with Nics Music UK, I helped create a strategy for the design and promo of his second upcoming EP: Stories for MANDY launch party! I also designed the album artwork for his EP, it can now be preordered on all good music platforms.

I’m really proud of everything we have achieved so far with our collaboration and time has really flown by, the launch party night is going to AMAZING!

For more info on Nics go to:

Beyonce Coachella 2018

Beyonce was the first black female artist to headline at Coachella and her performance was AMAZING! I wanted to create an illustration to celebrate such a great moment and appreciate the Queen Bey herself!

You can find a speed painting video of the illustration process here:

World Book Day 2018

A small and sweet animation I did to commend World Book Day 2018. Reading has become an important part of my life and I now freelance as an illustrator for children’s books! Also an excuse to dress up (but I didn’t today because of the snow!)

Oct ID

In keeping with my challenge, here is my October ID design! Inspired by my trip to the Lavender Fields back in August! I used ink and copics here to also go with my inktober challenge! I will collate all images from this year and 2016 on to a page soon so keep a look out 🙂

Sept ID

There was a problem with uploading this last month but here you are and it includes a plus one where I celebrated the first day of Autumn!

Projects Progression

I would like to update you on what I’ve been doing for the past few months of 2017. As well as doing personal ventures, I have been illustrating 2 books – working on the sequel to ‘Superstar Kids’ and a new title called ‘The Adventurers’. I have been volunteering as an Artist at Paddington Arts, a local youth centre which I have been going to since I was a child so I am very happy to be giving back to them! AND a collaboration painting with Annette Fernando, this was for the 24 Hearts project in tribute for Grenfell Tower and in time for Carnival.

I have definitely been the busy bee, have a look below to find some of the recently finished pieces. I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, to see progression in my art style and way of working is very satisfying and I aim to keep this up!

July ID

Here is the new July ID! I’ve been meaning to draw an image like this for over a year, but I just didn’t have the means and understanding of how to portray it at the time. I had a brain blast recently and with the constant practice, it has really helped me to improve and create this piece 🌺. A tip for aspiring artists – keep copying poses and pictures you like to really grasp the style and then you’ll develop your own out of this. Find your niche!

This is inspired by Lianne La Havas’ song ‘Unstoppable’ and her album cover for ‘Blood’.

Art for Grenfell

With the tragedy that happened in Grenfell Tower on June 14th, I have been doing everything I can in the past month to contribute what I can to help. I felt very shocked and upset by this tragedy, it happened so close to home and in a place I grew up visiting my friends from secondary school. Also my current place of work is literally 10 seconds away from tower, many people from Grenfell Tower were frequent visitors to the Kensington Leisure Centre, I recognised many faces on the missing posters.

It saddened me and I really felt I had to do something. Kensington Leisure Centre organised a Community Day on July 9th and I was happy to do a painting to donate to the centre for the day, so everybody visiting can feel empowered and encourage positive reinforcement. I never understood the power of Art and how healing it can be. I got many messages from people saying how moved they were from the painting, how empowered and good they felt. They wanted to contribute and help in whatever way they can. I am so overjoyed I got this message across in my art piece. The painting is displayed at the Kensington Leisure Centre if you ever come down to visit! It also inspired a fellow artist friend of mine from secondary school, Annette Fernando. We met up and created a heart together with the image of a Phoenix and we are planning to take this to a bigger scale and create an art mural of it! The symbolism of the Phoenix is to rise up from the ashes we feel is very appropriate and positive in remembrance of the victims from this tragedy.

The Grenfell Tower fire is a tragedy that could have been prevented, there are so many factors that caused the fire to spread as monstrously as it did. Even with the Grenfell Action Group in place declaring these factors in 2016, Kensington Council did absolutely nothing. At work I meet the survivors, they come inside to visit and I hear their stories, the truth of the events. I see distraught family members of victims walking by with police to go and identify the dead bodies in the forensics tents just behind the centre. It’s a dreary and depressing atmosphere that rests in North Kensington, but the most comforting thing is that community has bonded and come together so strongly. When I come to work or when I walk around the Westway memorial, I never fail to see a smiling face always willing to reach out a friendly hand and have a conversation. You are never alone in this area, I have connected with so many people through this tragedy, we are now a united front who will make sure that justice will be done and carry on to influence positivity in the art we share and the words we speak.