Valentines Day Drawings


I am currently doing a limited time commission for Valentines Day! If you would like to give your partner a different sort of present, why not give an illustration of you and your other half together. The illustration can either be traditionally drawn, coloured and posted to you to give to your loved one OR digitally painted and printed on 260gsm glossy paper along with the digital image emailed to you. All in time for the special day!

Contact me and send along a photo you would like illustrated and I shall give you a quote! I need all orders in by February 3rd.

Many thanks!

Dragon Soul – The Process

The process of the painting started off as a rough sketch in my sketchbook. I placed tracing paper over the sketch to draw the final lines with a Staedtler fineliner. I scanned the finished tracing in to Photoshop to edit some more. I wanted to make sure in the final painting, everything was in perfect proportion.

On a separate sheet of watercolour paper, I painted the background sky blue first, then left to dry. I printed out the edited line drawing on to A4 print paper with a lightened opacity, this was so I could draw over it and then press it on to the watercolour paper. I used it as my guide as I was painting.

The Original Sketch

FullSizeRender (4)

The Tracing

FullSizeRender (1)